About the project

"Where did it all start?"


What do boys and girls talk about in the war? About dreams? About friends? About family? About love?...just joking?...Or maybe about death, or even the afterlife?


"If I die, put a shelter near Parashka so that a part of me will always be there...", TT once told his brothers, sitting under a starry sky somewhere on the plain fields of the Kherson Region. "You'll build it yourself one day!" someone joked. Most were silent... Someone took another puff of a cigarette and looked at the dark sky. Is it the same here as in the Carpathians? It- Different, probably... We are all different now because Taras Havrylyshyn died near Kherson on November 1, 2022. 

Leaving a huge void in the hearts of close friends - scouts, and a wide circle of people whom he taught to travel through mountains, rivers and seas... Having recovered from the loss, the closest friends began implementing the tourist shelter project that Taras spoke about. It can be called in different ways: a dream - a testament or a last will, but the main thing is the content and purpose - to create a place where any of the travellers walking along the Carpathian range could hide from the weather, rest, watch the stars, and generally spend time in a way that TT loved.  To remember there, among the mountains, the non-public, but full of love for nature and teaching others, the life of Taras, part of which he devoted to constructing tourist routes through the Carpathians. After all, the memory of our Heroes - defenders should be eternal. And the memory that is not in the granite is the most important..."


"What tourist shelter are we planning to build, and who is it for?


A mountain tourist shelter is considered a small, non-capital building with free access, located in the most necessary, from the traveller's point of view, places within or near mountain hiking routes. The building must be protected from water and wind and have a strong structure. In the territory of Ukraine, the term "wood shelter" is better known. Still, our goal is to build a shelter - a larger, technological, practical and durable structure, based on the example of similar projects already implemented in the Tatras and other mountain ranges of Europe, designed with a frame house of the A-frame type buildings. We have a ready-made project from professional architects. Construction will continue under close technical supervision—materials: wood and stone. 

Along the length, the volume of the building is divided into three parts: 

1- a terrace in front of the entrance with a magical view of Borzhava, Trostyan, etc., 

2- a room for tourists with triple bunk beds designed for 8 people, 

3- a forester's office with three-person triple bunk beds and a separate entrance. 

In case of extreme need, under the condition of being placed on the floor, the shelter can accommodate 15-16 people. All shelter structures are designed from edged planed boards covered with bituminous tiles. "

All willing travelers to Mount Paraska will be able to use the shelter, without prior registration or permits.


"Who will build the shelter?


Taras's idea was implemented by his friends from Plast, where he was a member - 10 and 25 kurin (scout troop) UPS/USP "Chornomortsi" and 40 and 16 kurin (scout troop)  UPS/USP "Chornomorski Khvyli". 

Taras'  comrades-in-arms, classmates from the geography faculty, like-minded tourists, mountain guides and others are also involved in the implementation of the project.


"Where will the Taras Havrylyshyn memorial shelter be situated?


As Taras wished, the shelter will be built on the slope of Mount Paraska within the National Park "Skolivski Beskydy" on Route 504. The exact location is chosen based on the analysis of various geographical factors and with the approval of the National Park management. 

You can see a panorama of the Lviv Region and Transcarpathia mountain ranges from this place. It is close to the top of the mountain and the nearest water source. The construction will occupy only a part of the  lawn, so it will be convenient to put up traditional tents for the night on the rest of its territory."


"Dark Sky Park" or what is special about this project?


Of course, the most important thing is the memory of Taras and other fallen heroes, whose passion was mountain travel. However, the practical side of the structure implemented is just as significant. This shelter will be the first in Lviv region from the future network of similar shelters that will form the concept of "Dark Sky Park", which Taras's friends and members of the Lviv Astronomical Society are working on. We are talking about places in the Carpathian highlands, created for observing the starry sky in all senses. Therefore, within the scope of the Shelter project, we plan to purchase a portable telescope and other things for organizing astronomical observations during the stay in the shelter. Regular Astro-camps and other events aimed at the development of astronomical tourism and the interest of tourists and residents, including children, in astronomy and physics, are planned in the shelter and nearby communities because Ukraine is a space state. This direction was also close to Taras Havrylyshyn himself because he was a long-term instructor in astronomy at scouts camps and taught many children and adults, and the troops of his division read the starry sky..."


"What has already been done?


First, we assembled a working group and defined the stages of project implementation. Volunteers and friends have already made an architectural sketch. Work on technical drawings, a working project and a detailed estimation is underway. A clear place for setting up a shelter is chosen. Representatives of the active group have already held constructive meetings and agreed on the project with regional representatives, the Directorate of the National Park, etc. Work with the media has begun, and a fundraising campaign has been launched."


"What is the cost of the project?


At this stage, a detailed working project and estimate will be calculated and published on this website by Wednesday, May 2023. We still need to predict many costs in our project, which are primarily related to logistics - because all the materials for the shelter will need to be delivered to the site by hand (about 500m to carry uphill). Also, there are no permanent sources of electricity on site, so clear fuel losses still need to be determined.

However, it is already clear that the cost of the project is expected to be at least 920 thousand UAH, which includes costs for:


- development of a working project and estimate;

- purchase of materials and construction of the shelter;

- transportation and logistics of materials and craftsmen to the place;

- purchase of 1 Sky-Watcher (Synta) SK Dobson 6^ portable telescope;

- production of information tables and identification;."


And what's next?


After the construction of the shelter, we plan to leave the building on the balance of the Skolivski Beskydy Park. Park foresters will take care of the shelter. In particular, for this purpose, we provide an office space for foresters in the project. Also, permanent care will be provided by layer kuren and friends, in particular, from the "Mala Rica" camping site, which is located near the town of Paraska in the village of Crushers. After the opening of the project, it will be possible to quickly send messages about the status of the shelter through the websites of the park and this project.

As part of the project, we will also buy 1 portable telescope, which can be rent for anyone, and the Lviv Astronomical Society will train instructors and specialists who will help even beginners learn how to use it. Such a telescope and night sky viewing will perfectly complement your two-day trip to Paraska! The rental cost for scouts for camps in the vicinity and for local school children for classes will be free. Also, professional astronomers are ready to conduct other events in the shelter as part of the development of astronomical tourism in the Beskids, local schools and in the Lviv region in general.


We are proud of Taras's idea and invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where we will combine the beauty of the mountains, the starry sky and a free life!

Outside view

Inside view

Some files from the working project

Help to raise funds for materials and other costs

To implement the project, we must raise at least 920000 UAH. Please, read more about the expenses in the project in description.

We publish all financial reports on this website and social media networks of Sea scouting.

Details of our accounts: Specify - "charitable contribution"

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pay pal: seascoutingua@gmail.com

To offer support in another way

By helping with materials or volunteering, you can significantly reduce the costs of implementing the project. - materials for shelter construction (boards, windows, doors, insulation, roof etc.);

- assistance with logistics and material movement to the top (fuel, vehicles, volunteers etc.);

- help with logistics and transportation of the materials;

- direct construction of the shelter;

- care for the shelter after its installation;

- information support and fundraising.


If you want to help in one way or another, please fill out the form (in Ukrainian) or use our contacts (English).



If you have more ideas or you need more information, please contact: 

coordinator of the project - Yuliya Hvozdovych, senior scout Chornomorski Khvyli


+38 (093) 46-251-46


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